Inicio 9 Muestras 9 El Coraje del Pueblo en BAM Nueva York

El Coraje del Pueblo en BAM Nueva York


Este 11/03 a las 19:00 se presenta #ElCorajedelPueblo en el BAM Rose Cinemas de Brooklyn, Nueva York.
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Directed by Jorge Sanjinés | 1971
With Domitila de Chungara, Eusebio Gironda, Federico Vallejo
Third Cinema revolutionary Jorge Sanjinés’ explosive docudrama is a powerful reenactment of the 1967 San Juan Massacre, in which the Bolivian military, acting on behalf of the government, murdered striking tin miners and their families in a surprise nighttime raid. Lent a vivid realism by the participation of witnesses and survivors, The Courage of the People transmutes raw anger into a jolting Marxist manifesto.

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